About us

212 Productions is a production company that creates new production structures, focused on the arts and development of audiovisual projects, managing to position ourselves as one of the most original platforms, generating unique events. Led by the director Ingrid Barajas, with twenty years of experience collaborating in different media and with globally recognized personalities, we managed to take the projects to an unmatched level.

At 212 Productions we believe that results speak louder than words and since the company was founded in 1998 that philosophy has guided us to become market leaders and has placed us among the most prominent and reliable production companies in artistic services throughout the American continent.

We set ourselves the goal of reaching the highest standards, taking into account everything from development with its fundamental elements to attention to minimal details, prioritizing quality and achieving an experience that exceeds our own expectations.

We constantly seek the expansion of our management towards new frontiers, with the aim of continuing and improving the results of our work. The real triumph is obtained when our client achieves success, a fundamental part of how we have achieved this, is thanks to our ability to operate and the trust that our artists, celebrities and filmmakers give us, obtaining the amazement of our public. All this effort together guarantees the best result.


Our Core Values


Live it

It is a personal decision, to act freely because we believe that it is best to be honest. It is to conduct ourselves with rectitude, justice and honesty in the face of the challenges that are posed to us.


Believe It

Live unity in agreement, feeling and action, seeking the common interest; and mutual support. Believing is the conviction that in union we strengthen the relationships that bind us with others


Be inclusive

Provide equality to all people regardless of identity, disabilities or belonging to minority groups. Our testimony is the inclusive environment which we foster in each area of our business.

Our Story

The Beginning

Since 212 PRODUCTIONS was born in 1998, it has set trends in various branches of entertainment. In 2003, it was commissioned for the launch event in Mexico of the GF FERRE brand and the HUGO BOOS boutique in Masaryk and in 2005 it ventured into the film and video industry. For 2007 it began the efforts to present the exhibition of DAVID LACHAPELLE in Mexico. In 2009, 212 TAG (Talen Agency Group) was born as part of 212 PRODUCTIONS. The company formally begins to represent diverse talents and companies for Mexico and Latin America.

Our Objetive

Currently, from our offices in Mexico and Los Angeles, we study and manage our exhibitions and events. Part of our mission is definitely the artistic interaction of personalities already established at an international level with local talent and artists, to help nurture genres and young artists.

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