Over the years, 212 Productions has built a solid track record where the main goal has been achieved: satisfaction and results. It was consolidated as a cultural management company, conducting and organizing various exhibitions for the first time in Latin America.



Private Opening night AUDITORIO EME presents EXPERIMENTAL by CLAVO Art Space, a showcase + exhibition that seeks to find the relationship in context of each artist individually, interweaving them collectively through their works. Critical personalities and special guests faced the work of 7 artists enjoying live guitar and piano while sipping [...]


CLAVO Space an Experimental Art Space

CLAVO Space an Experimental Art Space January 30 - 2020 A nascent experimental art collective space, CLAVO Space, in association with FLAUNT, christened its lofty space with an opening exhibition featuring emerging and established artists ranging from paintings to photography. In a busy night where Artworks of art by artists Abel Adrián, [...]


The Face of a Genious

Project Brief As a preamble to the commemorations around the world for the 500 years of the death of the Italian artist, the exhibition entitled Leonardo da Vinci The Face of a Genius is exhibited in the Galería de Arte del Palacio Municipal de Puebla, thanks to the support of the City [...]


‘Act III’ | Paul M Glaser

Exhibition Brief Paul Michael Glaser ‘Act III’ Solo Art Exhibition Starsky and Hutch star Paul Michael Glaser is stepping out as an artist and will unveil his first-ever U.S. solo exhibition at Cosmo Lofts in Hollywood on April 24. In partnership with "Dept. of GOOD" featuring both paintings and digitally-produced pieces, is titled [...]



Exhibition Brief March 30 - July 30, 2017 The “Guadalajara, Guadalajara” brand is pleased to announce to the city of Guadalajara the exhibition of the internationally renowned artist DAVID LACHAPELLE, titled LOST & FOUND | VOLVER A ENCONTRARSE. The focal point of the exhibition, in this historic Museum, is the highly anticipated new [...]


Imágenes de LA&NYC

Exhibition Brief "Photography to me is pure" - Scott Caan Known for his acting career as well as venture into writing and direction Scott Caan also operates as a photographer, documenting his experiences, his relationships with a unique perspective. Caan Captures the moment with a photo-journalistic vision creating subtle shots of characters [...]


The Path of Misery

Project Brief "As an artist, you always have to reinvent yourself" - Marilyn Manson • Author, artist, singer, rocker, director, provocateur and cultural icon MARILYN MANSON will present for the first time in Mexico his work as a fine artist. MEXICO CITY, October 24th, 2011 Author and Artist, MANSON, will [...]



Exhibition Brief ONE OF THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHERS IN THE WORLD, WILL CELEBRATE MEXICO’S BICENTENARY PRESENTING RANKIN LIVE MEXICO From October 23rd, 2010 to January 22nd, 2011 Mexicans will be able to enjoy RANKIN LIVE at Estación Indianilla Centro Cultural. RANKIN LIVE is an exhibition that shows the retrospective of the artist and the [...]


Delirium of Reason | MUSA

Exhibition Brief September 04 - November 15 | 2009 DAVID LACHAPELLE DELIRIOS DE RAZÓN | DELIRIUM OF REASON MUSA celebrates his 15 years with LaChapelle's Derilium of Reason For the first time in Guadalajara, DAVID LACHAPELLE, the so-called “Fellini of photography”, is being exhibited at Museo de las Artes de la Universidad de [...]

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