Project Description

CLAVO Space an Experimental Art Space

January 30 – 2020

A nascent experimental art collective space, CLAVO Space, in association with FLAUNT, christened its lofty space with an opening exhibition featuring emerging and established artists ranging from paintings to photography.

In a busy night where Artworks of art by artists Abel Adrián, Beatriz Gómez, Caldrian Hergo, Garret Suhrie, Jacobo Parra, Jvdas Berra, Lewis Gtzr, Paul M. Glaser, Tania Riera, and Vijat Mohindra, graced the alabaster walls, enrapturing guests. in addition to appreciating the artistic spectacle, guests felt equally refreshed with a cocktail bar of Tabernero Pisco and Peroni and appetizers with the delicious Peruvian ceviche from Los Balcones del Perú, while a soundtrack by in-house DJ’s pulsed hard in the background.

CLAVO is a conceptual space dedicated to art and experimental creativity in Los Angeles, Hollywood district.

Located in the heart of Hollywood, CLAVO is a welcoming space that will house and represent the work of artists with the desire to have a personalized space. It is a studio of representation and community that gives artists a place to exhibit and socialize.

Regardless if you are an art buyer, a collector, just a creative junky, or looking for that special gift, CLAVO gives you an intuitive way to blend art and passion with a fresh concept. If you are an artist seeking management and/or representation we give you seamlessly transition into a place you can call your own.

Whether you’re a young artists or a great figure with fresh and new proposals, gathering with a large community of key persons in the fashion and entertainment industry.

Photographed by Drew Pluta.
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CLAVO Art Space & Representations private opening