Project Description

Private Opening night

AUDITORIO EME presents EXPERIMENTAL by CLAVO Art Space, a showcase + exhibition that seeks to find the relationship in context of each artist individually, interweaving them collectively through their works. Critical personalities and special guests faced the work of 7 artists enjoying live guitar and piano while sipping apple “Sotolero Mojitos” at the acclaimed Colonia Americana in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

The private sneak preview showcase was held on November 26 which also featured straight-up shots courtesy of sotol NocheLuna – which had everyone biting the apple as in “heavenly garden”, amidst fruits, vegan hors d’oeuvres and quesos – with Lenny Kravitz’s new brand, a wild artisan distilled from sotol plants that grow in the desert of Chihuahua, Mexico.

To start the year, an exclusive night will be held on January 11, 2023 – More to follow … Buyers beware!

Interested art collectors may visit appointments available thru January 11, 2023.

Closing night

As part of the CLAVO SPACE project, the EXPERIMENTAL collective exhibition was successfully concluded.

The CLAVO project was born in 2019, where a project for the management and production of art was developed, both as exhibitions and as support and representation of artists internationally, in which there are accomplished and emerging artists as well.

Each artist participated with work from their very particular technique, style, and language. That was the essence of EXPERIMENTAL

Featuring Artists:

Abel Adrián, Beatriz Gómez, Caldrian Hergo, Luis GTZR, Tania Riera
Clavo guests : Alejandro Benavides, Aram Cortés

Producer: Ingrid Barajas – 212 Productions

Curator: Abel González

Associated Producer: Lewis Gutierrez

Photography: @antonio.romero_fotografia

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Experimental tries to open the universe linked to the experience of the artists. Its interactivity seeks to explore a close dialogue between the author and the audience. It intends to retake the artistic fact itself considering essential elements of creation; perceive, investigate and demonstrate.

Emotions, fears, and feelings are observed spontaneously in a spill of thoughts turned into work. The exhibition resumes the philosophy of discovering the ways of possessing what lives inside the artist and transforming it into an object, instead of appropriating external existence and deforming it. The empirical dialogue is not the discourse itself, more so if it is the course that the works adopted with the sole philosophy of creating, leaving aside the theoretical, technical, or commercial support.

In this situation, the exhibition does not seek to examine a specific theme and does not properly follow an experimental art program. The social solitude of the artist and the conditions of the individual environment are what make each work unique. Without intending to debate current artistic production, it is based on the fact that the work is created solely for the pleasure of creating, far from fashion and marketing that pursue productivity more than true expression.

Experimental seeks to answer the question: to what extent can art be made just for the simple fact of manifesting itself, and seek to externalize based solely on the essence? The inventive sensitivity and the imagination of the author expose the artistic creation as an individual reality.


The project dedicated to art and experimental creativity plans to continue with more events that you will be able to find out about through its social networks @clavospace