Photographer David LaChapelle

David LaChapelle in Chile: Main speaker at the Canon Zoom In Project 2022

The pop culture icon returned to the country to give a talk at the event performed for the first time in Chile.

With a career spanning four decades, LaChapelle has traversed the worlds of pop culture, fashion, music, and fine arts thanks to his unique point of view.

During his previous stay in Chile, he appeared at the Museum of Contemporary Art with ‘David LaChapelle: Photographs 1984-2013’. Seven years later, he returned to talk about his experience with photography within the Canon Zoom In Project; A series of reflections and conversations where David LaChapelle participated as the main speaker through a talk entitled ‘I Believe in Miracles’.

With the support and co-production of 212 productions, David spoke about his experience directly, approaching it from his most intimate experiences with his photographic work, where it was possible to see some of his most iconic images commented by himself artist.

The talk that took place on Saturday, August 27 was presented for the first time in Chile. In addition, to be transmitted via streaming for Argentina and Peru.

"Estamos en una nueva era oscura en este momento"

David LaChapelle

LaChapelle has undoubtedly left a mark with his many and many images that have been imprinted in the collective memory, his images have shaped magazines, albums, and music videos, turning them into a true works of art.

I Believe in Miracles does not focus on glamor and popular culture, (Even though LaChapelle himself is an icon of contemporary pop culture) but also on issues such as religion, the environment, gender identity, the image of the body, beauty standards, and the construction of celebrity. As well as the importance of believing in oneself and in one’s work.

Throughout his career, LaChapelle has made photography his means of expression, full of messages of enlightenment and social denunciation, which clarifies why he is one of the most important lens artists today.

This is the second time that the photographer collaborates with Zoom in Project. In 2016 participated In the edition held in Mexico, where the American shared a talk about his experiences and motivations in photography.

After he participated in Canon Zoom in Project Chile, the photographer traveled to New York to inaugurate at the Museo Fotografiska “David LaChapelle, Make Believe”, his first major solo exhibition in North America, where he exhibits a collection of more than 150 works that reflect the meaning of his work, one that blurs between reality and fantasy.Here

David has shared with us his way of seeing life, creating visually powerful images that, while capturing the viewer’s attention, denounced the situations and attitudes of a frivolous world, which became tired and led him to give up everything to locate himself on an island in Hawaii. David reconnected with his passion, restarting a cycle that he began in the 80s when he had his first exhibition in Gallery 303. Always looking to touch people through his images, David believes that art is part of social change, and assures that as an artist he has the obligation to show a message that provides a little illumination and through it, achieve the miracle of having a better society.

"As an artist, one has a choice: you can create more darkness and confusion in the world, but it is also possible to create clarity and beauty,"

- David LaChapelle